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Markipedia 2014-001 – the next generation!

After a brief three year hiatus, I am finally getting my digital strategy together… and Markipedia is back! * Who invented brownies? Are they an ethnic food? Answer: According to Wikipedia, brownies were invented in Chicago prior to the 1893 Chicago World’s fair. Bertha Palmer (Chicago socialite) suggested specifications to the chef at the Palmer House… read more »

Markipedia 2010-009 Pizza Facts

Ruben had his birthday dinner at Stuzzi this week. The dinner conversation touched on, among other things, fancy pizza fun facts. Enjoy! (or as they say in Italian, Buon Appetito!) * What is the difference between ‘pizza’ and ‘pizze’ on the menu? — In both English and Italian,  ‘Pizze’ is the plural form of pizza…. read more »

Markipedia 2010-008 Tacky Lights and Pennsylvania Facts

Side note: Aaron always tells me that I need to separate my posts … one post for each fact. Apparently this would impact my hit count… But I say this site is not twitter… and I am not really trying to optimize anything;  if I really wanted to increase my blog popularity I would post… read more »

Markipedia 2010-006 and 007 The lost chronicles

Yeah so I had several funfax that I dutifully copied down to research but never got around to researching… and so I am going to put in a post here that is sort of like a placeholder… maybe I will update these but maybe not

Markipedia 2010-004 (Beachipedia!!!!)

This is paradise: People sitting around on the beach reading and discussing fun facts. Below are some “beachypedia” fun facts * How do they choose people’s faces for US currency? —   According to the Consitution, Congress has the power “to coin money”.  So the answer is congress gets to choose what is on coins… read more »

Markipedia 2010-003

In the last few weeks, I have been busy getting locally famous on Brown’s Island during Dominion Riverrock as well as relaxing in the outer banx. The following  are artiFACTS from conversations that have occurred with friends in a variety of social settings. * Babbling and Phonemes… supposedly little babies are born with the ability… read more »

Markipedia 2010-002

So last weekend there was a rash of fact research generated at our Fan Facts club meeting  as well as the  Facts Club field trip to Virginia wine country to see how wine is manuFACTured. Here goes: * Rampion… is is like Aurugula?  Not really. Both are in the Eudicots , but Rampion (a local German form of Phyteuma)  is… read more »

Nottoway News Search 001

Some people wonder why Nottoway is such a draw for me. Well, one reason is that if you do a Google news archive search on Nottoway you are either going to get the Plantation in Louisiana  (built in 1859 by a Virginia native) or you are going to get random information and fun facts. Nottoway… read more »