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Some people wonder why Nottoway is such a draw for me. Well, one reason is that if you do a Google news archive search on Nottoway you are either going to get the Plantation in Louisiana  (built in 1859 by a Virginia native) or you are going to get random information and fun facts. Nottoway is not exactly the center of US culture, so Nottoway news reports are generally about boring things (crime, court hearings, obituaries) or totally bizarro things like The Great Nottoway Meteor Landing of 1922.  (here also is a Harvard University analysis of the meteor landing)

Let me give you an example of bizarro. Today, Google turned up this article from the Tuapeka Times, Volume XX, Issue 1360, 15 June 1887, Page 6. I think it’s a short story. Sooo random. I would NEVER have found this without googling Nottoway.


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