Markipedia 2010-005 — Summer Fun (June/July 2010 Friends from Granada! Futball at Monument Ave! July 4th at Lake Anna!)

These titles are getting unweildy … Summer Fun (June/July 2010 Friends from Granada! Futball at Monument Ave! July 4th at Lake Anna!) is too long. how should I name these things? I dunno!
* Marshall Brain — Marshall Brain is the author of “How Stuff Works” and apparently writes novels about the future and transhumanism and robots.
* Bumpass Civil War Railroad — There is a railroad that goes through Bumpass Virginia (near Lake Anna) . It was founded in 1836 as the “Louisa Railroad” and later became known as the “Virginia Central Railroad.” It was used in many civil war battles.. wikipedia says “On more than one occasion it was used in actual tactical operations, transporting troops directly to the battlefield. The Blue Ridge Tunnels and the Virginia Central were key tools in the fast mobilization of Confederate General Stonewall Jackson’s  famous ‘foot cavalry'”
* Bryan Park — this is a fun park to bike to even though it looks a little in disrepair… it also has friends… … Kerri waid that it was a place for “sexual encounters” back in the 80s.  I couldn’t find internet corroboration of this, but let’s just say I found a website that lists both Bryan Park and Deep Run Park as places to meet people after dark. In any case, there is an azalea garden there that was a tourist attraction back in the 1950s… and I am willing to bet that it was the namesake of Azalea Ave. Bryan Park is named after a  former publisher of the RTD. Speaking of Azalea Ave, here is a history of the old Azalea Mall that was torn down .
* Mineral Virginia fax — from wikipedia…,_Virginia  — Mineral was originally known as Tolersville**, but adopted its current name when it incorporated in 1902 due to the mining industry that supported the community. It was the center of gold mining activity in Louisa County and during its heyday there were no fewer than fifteen gold mines located within two miles of the town. A zinc and lead mine also operated in the area into the 1970s. ** The town was founded by Adam Toler. He was born on November 30, 1766 in Louisa County, Virginia and died on March 20, 1813 in Chesterfield, Virginia.
* Globish versus Esperanto. —Esperanto is a “made-up” language that aaron says woudl be good to learn because it is based on grammar rules and vocabulary from Latin and other languages. If you learn Esperanto it might be easier to become a polyglot. Globish, on the other hand, is asserted to be a native language of world travelers. They guy who first wrote about gloish said there are 1500 words that are based on  the pseudo-English that people talk in airports.  Esperanto was invented in 1887. Globish was codified in 2004.
*  what’s the difference between a traffic circle and a roundabout? With roundabouts, the drivers within the circle have the right of way, while with traffic circles, the entering cars have the right of way. I believe that the Lee Circle is a traffic circle.
* time lapse versus stop motion — I don’t know if I believe this distinction. Time Lapse is where the camara stays still while Stop Motion is where the camara can move???? really??
* Wapakoneta Ohio — Kent Boyd of SYTYCD (no relation to Josh Boyd) is from Wapakoneta. So is Neil Armstrong, moonwalker,
* Melbourne Shuffle… have you heard of this dance? Here is a How to video and here is kids going crazy with it… whoa
* funicular — Ro is proud to know this word, and it is her favorite kind of train…. the inclined kind…. good for going up mountains. in Pittsburgh.
* Primanti brothers… if you are ever in pittsburgh, check out their restaurant that serves meat sandwiches WITH FRIES IN THE SANDWICH — promanti brothers!
* Granada … Do you want fun fax about granada? Ok well it is in southern spain (the Andalusia part of spain was once occupied by “Moors” — but Moors is a bad word now)… granada is the spanish word for the fruit we call “pomegranate” which is kind of obvious in retrospect given the ‘grana’ part of both words. pom means apple… so pomegranate literally means “the apple of granada”
Ok that’s all you get.


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  • Funiculars are my favorite form of transportation. People in Pittsburgh call it an incline railway, therefore, it does not count. I always want to sing Funiculì Funiculà when I ride a funicular. I never knew that it was “composed to commemorate the opening of the first funicular cable car on Mount Vesuvius.” Fascinating.

  • Marko, excellent post. A few things. By your definition Lee is a roundabout. Who speaks Globish?
    Esperanto is real. Yes, stop motion is awesome too!

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