2010 December

Markipedia 2010-009 Pizza Facts

Ruben had his birthday dinner at Stuzzi this week. The dinner conversation touched on, among other things, fancy pizza fun facts. Enjoy! (or as they say in Italian, Buon Appetito!) * What is the difference between ‘pizza’ and ‘pizze’ on the menu? — In both English and Italian,  ‘Pizze’ is the plural form of pizza…. read more »

Markipedia 2010-008 Tacky Lights and Pennsylvania Facts

Side note: Aaron always tells me that I need to separate my posts … one post for each fact. Apparently this would impact my hit count… But I say this site is not twitter… and I am not really trying to optimize anything;  if I really wanted to increase my blog popularity I would post… read more »

Markipedia 2010-006 and 007 The lost chronicles

Yeah so I had several funfax that I dutifully copied down to research but never got around to researching… and so I am going to put in a post here that is sort of like a placeholder… maybe I will update these but maybe not