Markipedia 2010-008 Tacky Lights and Pennsylvania Facts

Side note: Aaron always tells me that I need to separate my posts … one post for each fact. Apparently this would impact my hit count… But I say this site is not twitter… and I am not really trying to optimize anything;  if I really wanted to increase my blog popularity I would post… read more »

Markipedia 2010-003

In the last few weeks, I have been busy getting locally famous on Brown’s Island during Dominion Riverrock as well as relaxing in the outer banx. The following  are artiFACTS from conversations that have occurred with friends in a variety of social settings. * Babbling and Phonemes… supposedly little babies are born with the ability… read more »

1830s fashion – What’s hot, what’s not

Hot – BREADTH is the word!  The bigger the shoulder, the bigger the hip, the better! Not – A la Mameluke Sleeves.  Don’t hide those pretty, delicate hands with this extra long sleeves! Hot – Ruffs!  Take a hint from our feathered friends and adorn your neck with this hot number (literally, hot). Not –… read more »

Nottoway County annexed by neighboring Amelia

Due to a mass exodus of residents leaving Nottoway County, Amelia County is capitalizing on the opportunity to absorb this area of land for the bargain basement price of $5,792.28. This equates to $18.33 per square mile. Nottaway has slowly fallen into decline as residents have waited for a promised “Mark Park” that has never… read more »

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