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Fun Fax!

Markipedia 2010-001

Here are some assigned research fax: Q: Does Google allow advertisers to influence its search results: A: Nope! “Advertising with Google won’t have any effect on your site’s presence in our search results. Google never accepts money to include or rank sites in our search results, and it costs nothing to appear in our organic… read more »

Historic Nottoway Lighthouse

The first and oldest lighthouse in Nottoway County, Virginia, was founded in 2010 at the original site of Mark Park.  Set back 8 miles from the main road, the “light up all night” (termed by the locals) provides light 24 hours a day for those who wander the unpopulated forests of Nottoway County.  This lighthouse… read more »

1830s fashion – What’s hot, what’s not

Hot – BREADTH is the word!  The bigger the shoulder, the bigger the hip, the better! Not – A la Mameluke Sleeves.  Don’t hide those pretty, delicate hands with this extra long sleeves! Hot – Ruffs!  Take a hint from our feathered friends and adorn your neck with this hot number (literally, hot). Not –… read more »